2017 CALNARPM Keynote Preview with Katie Lance

2017 CALNARPM Keynote Preview with Katie Lance

Today, we’re talking to Katie Lance, who will be the keynote speaker, as well as leading a workshop for the upcoming CALNARPM Conference on April 12 – 14. Katie will go over what she’ll be discussing at the event in a few weeks.

Katie Lance: Social Media Expert

Katie’s background is in branding, marketing, and social media. She has consulted with lots of companies within the property management industry like DocuSign, RE/MAX International, and Realtor.com. She speaks at conferences all over the world and she’ll be in California to share her message about how to be smarter with social media and how to hone a social media strategy.

Addressing Social Media Problems

The problem Katie will help property managers solve at this conference is how to manage the concept of time. Time is all we have – 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. When it comes to social media, people get overwhelmed with the amount of time it takes to use these platforms, and every day it seems like social media is changing. There’s a new update or a new site to manage. You can’t spend all day on Facebook or Snapchat. So, time is a big issue and you have to be smarter with your time. A lot of people are also randomly doing things on social media. Katie will talk about how to stop the random acts of social media and get intentional. These ideas will help you do more than just generate leads and new business. It will also foster better relationships with people you’re already doing business with. You’ll get some high-level statistics that show how social media is changing and evolving every day. In addition to big picture material, you’ll learn some really tactical things that you can implement right away.

Social Media Workshop

In addition to the speech, Katie will roll up her sleeves and conduct a workshop where you can take some of the concepts you learned and be more productive. Take advantage of this knowledge exchange so you know how to put these strategies to work for your property management company. Katie says to be purposeful with your tribe; the people who like, know and trust you. Don’t miss this. I’ll be in the audience with everyone else, and I’m looking forward to it. Go to narpmcalifornia.org and register online.

If you have any questions about this conference, contact us and we’ll gladly tell you more.