CALNARPM 2017 Conference: Steven Rozenberg Keynote Introduction

CALNARPM 2017 Conference: Steven Rozenberg Keynote Introduction

The keynote speaker for the CALNARPM conference is one of the biggest failures I’ve ever seen.

His name is Steve Rozenberg, and he’ll tell you himself that because of all those failures and things that have happened to him, he’s a successful business owner today, and he’s able to come and talk to us at CALNARPM. Steve runs one of the fastest growing property management companies in the U.S. He’s also a commercial airline pilot, and you don’t want to miss his keynote speech at this conference.

Keynote Topic: Industry Challenges

Steve’s keynote will talk about some of the biggest challenges that we face in the property management industry right now. One thing he’ll address is motivation and drive. He doesn’t see a big fire in a lot of bellies; there’s not a lot of drive to get up every day and want to do it. Steve came to the property management industry after September 11th, and speaks from a perspective of having everything taken away and having to rebuild in a new way. That has helped him to realize how precious everything is, and he wants to help you find that daily drive. Most people go through the mundane day-to-day activities without getting up with purpose and grinding out a better business. So, Steve will talk about his story and what he’s done to get where he is today. Then, he’ll talk about what he’s doing now and where he’s focusing his strengths and efforts to continue the growth.

Get Tickets for April 12

Steve’s willingness to do this is appreciated by all of us, and he will bring transparency and energy to the keynote introduction on April 12. If you haven’t bought tickets already, get them now and come hear Steve speak. He has an amazing story, a great attitude, and has been in a position where he had to turn around his whole life. It’s empowering, and I’m going to leave you with this – which is something I learned from Steve:

There are only 3,222 Wednesdays left.

That’s something you’ll understand when you hear him speak. It will help you really ponder your life, not just from a property management standpoint, but on what you do as a person, and how you spend your time. We believe you’ll really think deeply about things when you walk out of this conference event.

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